Seaward PrimeTest 50 PATBag PAT Testing Kit - CANS LTD

Seaward PrimeTest 50 PATBag PAT Testing Kit


The Seaward PrimeTest 50 PAT testing kit has been designed to offer an all-inclusive solution to basic pass/fail PAT testing. PATGuard Elements software (optional) enables fast manual data-entry for record-keeping of all test results including a full test history against each appliance, and invoice generator - ideal for the efficient running of your PAT business.

The PrimeTest 50 is lightweight and portable and features a greatly simplified range of tests. Simply choose the test you need – either earthed appliance, double-insulated appliance or mains cord testing. Its easy-to-read display is simple and registers PASS or FAIL. Connect the PrimeTest 50 to a power outlet and it will automatically check the socket wiring and mains voltage. It doesn’t get much simpler.

Unlock extra features with our free and easy-to-use mobile app, PATMobile.
Available for use on both Android and iOS devices, the handy app works with 
the PrimeTest 50 to enable the digital input and storage of pass/fail results alongside barcode scanning, label printing* and photo tagging.

Please Note: PrimeTest 50 does not have a backlight

What‘s in the box:

  • PrimeTest 50 PAT tester
  • Rugged and lightweight purpose-made PATBag carry case with compartments for all of your PAT accessories and labels
  • Full length ‘Learn to PAT‘ DVD with online exam and personalised certificate
  • Seaward Guide to Portable Appliance Testing, a handy PAT reference look-up card
  • PAT Register and Test record for keeping a record of results
  • 500 Pass labels
  • 500 Fail labels
  • 110V adaptor
  • Quick start video guide
  • Seaward Business Builder CD - everything you need to know to start a PAT testing business