Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD
Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle - CANS LTD

Seaward Apollo 500+ PAT Tester with Elite Bundle


What‘s in the Apollo 500+ PAT Tester box:

  • Apollo Instrument
  • Professional Cary Case
  • Test Lead 1.2m with Alligator Clip, Red
  • Test Lead 1.2m with Alligator Clip, Black
  • IEC Extension Lead, 0.5m
  • Black Mains Lead
  • USB Download Lead 
  • Apollo+ Check Box
  • UKAS Calibration Certificate
  • Quick Start Guide

What extra do I get in a Elite Kit Bundle?

  • Test n Tag Elite 2 Printer
  • 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • 2x Elite durable labels 25mm
  • 2x Elite durable labels 75mm
  • Apollo Kit Carry Case
  • 110V Test Adaptor

Benefits of the Elite Bundle Kit:

Streamline the PAT testing process further by utilising the Apollo 500+  with a compatible printer, barcode scanner and PATGuard 3 software.

Transfer data to your computer remotely using the 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner and a smartphone, or download the results via a USB cable directly. Once downloaded to PATGuard 3, it is easy to keep track of historical test and inspections as well as produce reports, certificates and invoices - offering total peace of mind and quicker, easier management of scheduling inspections and tests.  (Click here for the kit with software included)

2D Barcode Scanner:

Seaward have introduced the ability to print 2D barcodes using the ‘Test n Tag‘ Elite 2 printer. Previous 1D barcodes have allowed PAT professionals to store minimal information about an appliance however with the new 2D barcodes you can store a lot more information which speeds up the retesting process. 

So what data can be stored in your PAT barcode lable?
1. Asset ID
2. Site
3. Location
4. Last and next test dates

‘Test n Tag‘ Elite 2 Rugged Portable Printer:

Using Seaward’s ‘Test n Tag‘ Elite 2 printer you can now print labels that include our unique QR data code, the Apollo 600+ and 500+ have the ability to read the data contained in the code via our new Bluetooth 2D Elite barcode scanner and populate the fields automatically for quicker retesting without the need for data upload. 

Used in conjunction with the QR DATA Viewer app streamlining your work even more, allowing duty holders and maintenance managers read 2D barcodes on their portable appliances so they can view in-depth last test data. Test information about appliances can be sent directly to an email address so the duty holder or maintenance manager can make the relevant department aware of items that need attention.  Available for download on the App Store and Google play (Android version compatible with version 3.2 and higher)

Our Lead Trainer says –
Save timing by using a printer? – Then it makes sense to save money by buying the tester and printer as a package. The Test n Tag Elite 2 printer is a robust and compact thermal printer that uses 52 x 25mm labels (4 rolls supplied, approx. 160 labels per roll). Now upgraded to allow the printing of 2D barcodes (with their greater capacity for the retention of test results) when used with the Apollo 500+ and 600+ testers. Please note that the printer connects to the Apollo via Bluetooth allowing the printer to be clipped to a work belt if needed. The bundle also includes an upgraded Bluetooth 1D & 2D barcode scanner, 110V adaptor and a spacious carry case. (The Apollo 500/600 bundles are supplied with larger 52 x 74mm labels). (Produces 1D barcodes with used with the Apollo 400+)

The Apollo 500+ main unit:

A value ‘plug and play’ PAT tester for high volume testing.

With a new interchangeable rechargeable battery accessory to minimise downtime, so when you‘re testing a large number of appliances in one day, it really is the ideal companion for high-volume testing.

The Apollo 500+ PAT Tester is designed to enable simple, professional and fast PAT testing, with remote data transfer, USB upload/download, plus a memory to store up to 10,000 complete test sets. 

The Apollo 500+ PAT Tester has point-to-point measurement, fast boot-up and a risk-based retest calculator to quickly determine suggested retest periods.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive range of tests
  • Comes with improved functionality and accessories
  • Advanced data transfer and storage features
  • Store up to 10,000 appliance records
  • Ability to use (2D) QR codes
  • Built in electrical risk assessment tool with suggested retest period calculator
  • User configurable tests - for non-electrical tests and inspections e.g. fire extinguishers and PPE

Electrical test functions of the Apollo 500+:

  • Low current earth continuity test (with Zap circuit) guaranteeing accurate measurement
  • Insulation resistance
  • IEC lead test
  • Protective conductor current
  • Touch current
  • Load power/current
  • Alternative leakage current
  • Point to point testing of earth continuity and insulation resistance
  • RCD test
  • Power socket test