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Radiodetection C.A.T4 Brochure Small Cable Locate - Dual-frequency locateSimultaneous dual frequency and simple locating methods assist C.A.T4 and Genny4 users to locate Small Diameter cable such as telecom twisted pairs,...

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Radiodetection C.A.T4 Brochure

Small Cable Locate - Dual-frequency locate
Simultaneous dual frequency and simple locating methods assist C.A.T4 and Genny4 users to locate Small Diameter cable such as telecom twisted pairs, CATV feeds, spurs and drop-offs which have historically been hard to find and are a common strike risk

Dynamic Overload Protection
Radiodetection’s unique digital signal processing capabilities equips the C.A.T4 with the ability to reject electrical interference. Dynamic Overload Protection gives C.A.T4 series products the ability to continue operating in electrically challenging areas, such as near substations and under power cables, where other locators’ detection circuitry may be overloaded and no longer function.

Avoidance Mode™
Sweep an area using Power, Radio and Genny signals simultaneously, saving time. C.A.T4 lets operators control the sensitivity of each mode/signal, enabling buried utilities to be pinpointed in a single pass, while Real Sound provides audio feedback derived directly from the utility located, easing identification to maximise speed whilst maintaining safety.

Genny4 Signal Boost
The Genny4 offers, alongside its standard power mode, a Signal Boost feature which increases the output signal by up to 10 times allowing you to locate over extra distance and depth.

High Visibility Display with Backlight
The C.A.T4’s high visibility display helps to minimise the possibility of misreading critical information from the unit. The high contrast and automatic backlight illumination provide optimum visibility in all light conditions.

Radiodetection’s C.AT4 and Genny4 offer a comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools designed to provide operators with locators which are simple to operate and offer a range of options and features to improve survey speed and accuracy.

• Simultaneous dual frequency helps locating Small Diameter cables.
• Dynamic Overvoltage Protection enable the locator to operate in electrically noisy areas.
• Avoidance mode, speeds the survey by searching for Power, Radio and Genny.


As a safety critical tool the CAT4 range also offer a number of features designed to support safe working and help to drive utility strike rates down.

• StrikeAlert warns of the presence of shallow cables.
• SWING Waning, for example, warns the user of incorrect usage whilst CALSafe automatically disables the unit on the expiry of the calibration period.
• Built in Data logging and GPS/GNSS receiver enables usage and location analysis and reporting.
• Service due indicator and CalSafe helps preventing usage of the instruments behind the calibration due date.


The eCERT online service provides the convenience of being able to extend the validity of the Calibration period of another year in the field.