Metrel MI 3200 TeraOhm 10kV - CANS LTD

Metrel MI 3200 TeraOhm 10kV


Kit includes:

  • MI 3200 TeraOhm 10 kV
  • 83005401 Mains cable
  • 20691067 10 kV shielded test lead with tip, 2 m
  • 20691069 10 kV shielded test lead black, 2 m
  • 20691068 10 kV shielded test lead red, 2 m
  • S 2036 10 kV crocodile clip, set (black, red)
  • 83001555 Guard lead green, 2 m
  • A 1309 Crocodile clip (green)
  • 83005714 6 x 1.2 V NiMH batteries, D type
  • Instruction manual on CD

The new MI 3200 TeraOhm 10 kV insulation tester is a portable instrument intended to measure insulation resistance through the use of high DC test voltages up to 10 kV. The large LCD screen allows real-time R(t) graphs to be displayed.

Measuring Functions

  • Automated testing: PI, DD, DAR calculations with automated resistance ranging. All data is displayed during one single measurement.
  • Fault Finding: fully programmable Step-Voltage and Withstanding 
    Voltage test functions to assist in diagnosing faults in insulation.
  • R(t) graph: real time resistance against time graph plotting facility to graphically illustrate the response of a material to an applied test voltage.
  • Faster testing: high 5 mA charging current quickly charges capacitive loads.
  • Accurate: selectable noise rejection filters (up to 5 mA) and shielded cables as standard ensure accurate readings.
  • Safe: high CAT IV/600 V voltage protection
  • Portable: lightweight 5.5 kg design with carry handle.

Dimensions (mm): 345 X 335 X 160 mm

Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 5.5 kg