Metrel MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth/Clamp Tester - CANS LTD

Metrel MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth/Clamp Tester


Kit includes:
  • MI 3123 Smaretc Earth / Clamp
  • 20901090 Soft hand strap
  • 20691900 Test lead 20 m (green)
  • 20691012 Test lead 4.5 m (blue)
  • 20691015 Test lead 4.5 m (red)
  • 20691901 Test lead 20 m (black)
  • A 1022 Earth test rod (4 pcs)
  • A 1147 Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries (6 pcs)
  • 83005447 12 V battery charging adapter.
  • 83005401 UK mains cable for charging adapter
  • Short instruction manual
  • Instruction manual on CD

The MI 3123 SMARTEC Earth/Clamp is a remarkable earth spike resistance tester with the ability to perform 2-wire and 3-wire earth spike testing and 4-wire soil resistivity testing.

Measuring functions

  • Earth spike testing: 2-wire and 3-wire earth spike testing and soil resistivity testing.
  • Earth resistance testing via clamps: optional one clamp and two clamps earth spike resistance testing (required optional A 1018 and A 1019 clamps).
  • Downloadable: downloads via RS232 or USB cable directly to the PC via the optional A 1290 and A 1291 software.
  • Help screens: unit comes complete with in-built help screens for referencing on site.
  • Built-in charger & rechargeable batteries: unit has an inbuilt charging circuit and comes complete with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • Custom limits: set limits and large green and red lights will indicate a PASS or FAIL reading.
  • Easy to use: large bright LCD display with large buttons for easy use (even while wearing gloves).

Technical data

Dimensions (mm): 230 x 140 x 80

Mass (without accessories): 0,85 kg