Metrel MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop /RCD Tester - CANS LTD

Metrel MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop /RCD Tester


Kit includes:
  • MI 3122 Smartec Z-Loop-Line / RCD tester
  • 20901090 Soft hand strap
  • A 1003 Mains plug
  • A 1296 Test leads 3 x 1.5 m (brown, green, blue)
  • 83005447 12 V battery charging adapter
  • 83005401 UK mains cable for charging adapter
  • A 1015 Test probe (blue)
  • A 1298 Test probe (brown)
  • A 1062 Test probe (green)
  • A 1310 Crocodile clip (blue)
  • A 1297 Crocodile clip (brown)
  • A 1309 Crocodile clip (green)
  • Short instruction manual
  • Instruction manual on CD

The MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop / RCD is designed specifically for Live circuit testing. This fully featured rechargeable unit can perform Ze and Zs testing, RCD trip time testing, RCD ramp current testing, automated RCD testing, and Line resistance testing (for 3 phase systems).

Measuring functions

  • Help screens: unit comes complete with built-in help screens for referencing on site.
  • Automatic loop evaluation: builtin loop impedance tables allow automatic evaluation of the loop resistance compared to the regulations.
  • Online voltage monitoring: monitors all 3 voltages in real-time.
  • Phase sequence test: requested by BS7671:2008 17th Edition.
  • Upgradeable: if changes occur to the regulations, software changes can be made to the firmware to keep the unit up to date.
  • TripLock function: Zs (RCD) function performs a loop test without tripping the RCD/RCBO.
  • Built-in charger & rechargeable batteries: unit has an inbuilt charging circuit and comes complete with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • RCD auto: automated RCD testing reduces circuit test time.
  • Downloadable: downloads via RS232 or USB cable directly to the PC via the optional A 1290 and A 1291 software.

Technical data

Dimensions (mm): 230 x 140 x 80

Mass (without accessories): 0,85 kg