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Metrel MI 2126 Earth 2/3 Wire Tester

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Kit includes:

  • MI 2126 Earth 2/3
  • 83005246 Carrying strap
  • A 1024 Test lead 4.5 m (black)
  • 20691893 Test lead 15 m (red)
  • A 1025 Test lead 20 m (blue)
  • A 1022 Earth test rod (2 pcs)
  • Instruction manual

The MI 2126 is a high quality, professional grade test instrument, for performing two- and three-wire earth resistance measurements in accordance with European standard EN 61557-5, on which the estimation of earthing quality is based.

Measuring functions

  • Easy to use: only 3 buttons control all the operations of the test instrument and instruction manual explains the various earth spike testing methods.
  • Portable: light in design and battery operated, the MI 2126 can easily be placed with your other test instruments for moving between test sites.
  • Reliable: reliable results even in the presence of stray currents.
  • Repeatability: outstanding repeatability of test results especially in the case of high test probe resistance of various earthing structures (e.g. asphalt, sand, and stone).

Technical data

Dimensions (mm): 280 x 70 x 80 mm

Mass: 0,5 kg

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