MEGGER S1-1568 15KV

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  Proven ability to make accurate stable measurements in noisy environments such as 765kV substations   Rapid charge of capacitive loads such as HV power cables   Resistance measurement up to 35 TΩ...
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  •   Proven ability to make accurate stable measurements in noisy environments such as 765kV substations
  •   Rapid charge of capacitive loads such as HV power cables
  •   Resistance measurement up to 35 TΩ with 8 mA noise rejection plus 4 filters
  •   Additional safety in high energy locations with remote operation
  •   Always ready to test with fast charge Li-ion battery or a.c. source operation
  •   Tough enough to survive harsh environments

S1-1568 15 kV insulation resistance testers has been designed, specified and tested to meet the stringent requirements of power utilities in the 21st century. In addition to being tough, high performance insulation testers the S1-1568 Megger offers the ability to perform accurate insulation resistance measurements in extreme, high noise environments, rapid charging of cable capacitance, and even remote operation for both convenience and safety.

For service companies the S1-1568 represents an excellent choice with its flexibility and future proofing capability.

Quite simply the Megger S1- series is designed to work wherever you work.

Megger’s new S1-Series of insulation resistance testers consist of a 5 kV, 10 kV and 15 kV models called S1-568, S1-1068 and S1-1568. These top end instruments are targeted at power utilities and service companies working in generation, transmission and distribution markets. Class leading charge current, noise rejection and software filters make the S1-Series Megger’s most advanced DC insulation resistance testers to date.

Instrument productivity is a focus of the new S1-Series which offers rapid charge batteries and operation from an AC source when the battery is flat. An intuitive user interface ensures no lost time remembering how to use the tester. Simplicity of operation is achieved with two rotary switches and a large backlight display which enables multiple results to be displayed simultaneously. A graphical quick start guide is provided inside the lid of each model to assist first time users.

Safety of operation is built in, 5 kV and 10 kV models are safety rated to CAT IV 600 V up to 3000 m and the 15 kV S1-1568 is rated at CATIV 1000 V up to 4000 m. Original equipment manufacturers and repairers will welcome the remote control feature allowing them to automate resistance testing on the factory floor, as will technicians in substations wanting to operate from a more convenient, safe distance.

The S1-Series have a dual case design with a tough outer case to protect the tester from knocks and drops and a fire retardant inner case. The case IP rating prevents moisture and dust ingress when storing or carrying the instrument. The lids have clip-on lead pouches ensuring that leads remain with the instrument at all times. Case lids are removable for improved access to the terminals.

Five preset voltage ranges are provided in insulation test mode, plus a user settable lock voltage range. Preconfigured diagnostic tests include Polarisation Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Dielectric Discharge (DD), Stepped Voltage (SV) and Ramp test.

Advanced memory storage includes time/date stamping of results, logging of data and recall of results to screen. A fully isolated USB interface or on-board Bluetooth® interface is used for safe transfer of data to Megger’s asset management software; PowerDB Pro, Advanced or Lite packages.

Test leads are double insulated t with clamps rated at 3 kV t equivalent to 6 kV single insulation for the medium clip leadset and 5 kV t equivalent to 10 kV single insulation for the large clip. The 15kV leadset is insulated to 15kV.

Features and Benefits

  • Resistance measurement: 15 TΩ - 5 kV,
  • 35 TΩ - 10 kV, 35 TΩ - 15 kV
  • High current – 6 mA short circuit current
  • High noise immunity – 8 mA of noise rejection
  • Four software filters: 10s, 30s, 100s, 200s
  • Li-ion battery – charges in 2 hours and gives up to 6hours continuous testing a 100 MΩ load (S1-568), battery meets IEC 62133
  • CATIV 600 V safety rating up to 3000m (S1-568, S1-1068)
  • CATIV 1000 V safety rating up to 4000m (S1-1568)
  • Remote operation via USB cabe
  • Download of memory via isolated USB cablr Bluetooth®
  • IR, timed IR, DAR, PI, DD, SV and ramp diagnostic tests
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V) AC or DC
  • Advanced memory, on screen recall and real time clock for date/ time stamped results
  • PowerDB Lite asset management software
  • Option to record temperature and/or relative humidity with saved results (measured independently)