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Megger MIT2500 High Voltage Hand-Held Insulation and Continuity Tester


The MIT2500 insulation and continuity tester has been designed for Electrical and Industrial test applications, where operation voltages exceed 1000 V and higher insulation test voltages are needed. The MIT2500 offers both fixed range voltages of 50 V, 100V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V and 2500 V, as well as a variable range that allows any voltage between 50 V and 2500 V to be “dialled in”. This is supported by the new test voltage feedback control, which maintains the output test voltage to within 2% of the selected range, even when under test. The MIT2500 uses the redesigned case, back-stand, and 6 cell battery compartment, as well as incorporating a Guard terminal to reduce surface tracking currents that reduce accuracy at higher voltages.

MIT2500 is a hand-held 2.5 kV insulation tester which has applications in cable testing, vehicle testing, motor testing, testing of medical locations and distinct applications in building wiring testing.
Unique features include:

  • Insulation testing to 2500 V with measurements up to 200 GΩ in a hand-held instrument, with test voltage output stabilised to -0% to 2%
  • High performance guard terminal for exceptional resistance accuracy
  • Adjustable insulation test voltage from 50 V to 2.5 kV
  • The analogue arc display with intelligent back-light
  • Voltage range displayed during selection
  • Other features that make MIT2500 the choice of professionals:
  • The single range high speed continuity testing from 0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ
  • A rechargeable option for use on mains and in a vehicle
  • Category IV 600 V safety rating
  • The capacitance measurement up to 10 μF
  • New over-moulding giving IP54 environmental protection
  • Automatic discharge 
  • Optional magnetic strap for hanging the MIT2500 on cabinets while testing