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Megger MFT1741


Enables much faster non-trip testing on quiet circuits (8s instead of 15s) and provides significantly more repeatable results on noisy circuits and with RCD impedance immunity, the readings are not susceptible to the additional impedance often seen in standard loop tests.

The Confidence meter also gives an indication of the “QUALITY” of the measurement during and at the end of the test, using the ARC display.

With these new features combined with those of the existing MFT1701 series of toughness, ease-of–use and reliability, this makes the MFT1741 a very attractive package.

  • Enhanced non-trip loop impedance measurement technology
  • “Confidence meter” measurement analysis (patent pending)
  • Full single and 3 phase compliant installation testing
  • 10 mA to 1 A single and 3 phase RCD testing
  • Earth testing and stake-less testing for electrode resistance measurement*
  • Simple colour-coded test selection
  • Ambidextrous operation
  • Internal memory and Bluetooth® communications 
  • EN61010 CAT IV safety rating and tough IP54 case

The MFT1741 multifunction tester has been designed for testing low voltage electrical installations, particularly in locations that suffer from high electrical noise. It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

Overlaying the new non-trip loop impedance measurement is the new “confidence meter”. As loop impedance values can be dramatically affected by circuit noise, the Confidence Meter displays the degree of confidence in the accuracy of the measured loop impedance. Using the digital ARC to indicate the analytical process, the measurement is continually monitored and adjusted when circuit noise is present, resulting in a dramatically improved and repeatable test result.

The MFT1741 offers a wide range of test functions, designed for all electrical installation testing and verification of low voltage building wiring and distribution testing scenarios. The MFT1741 is IEC 61010 CAT IV 300 V rated for safe connection anywhere within the LV network on single and three-phase systems.

The  MFT1741  multifunction  tester  is  an  instrument  designed  for  testing low voltage electrical installations and especially in locations that suffer from high electrical noise. It provides all the tests required to  complete  the necessary  electrical  certification  for  industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations, and includes:

  • TRMS System voltage and frequency measurement 
  • Insulation test at 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V including input protection against live circuits up to 600 V even when insulation test is locked-on
  • Continuity resistance at 200 mA or 15 mA
  • Automatic start - no need to press TEST so leaving both hands free to hold probes
  • Resistance range up to 100 kΩ with fast continuity buzzer at selectable thresholds
  • Earth loop impedance testing, with:
    • New 3 wire non-trip technology
    • New confidence meter measurement
    • 2 and 3 wire non-trip range
    • 2 wire Hi current including phase to phase
    • Prospective fault current measurement up to 20 kA
  • RCD testing including: 
    • Type AC, A, S, B and programmable RCDs 
    • 3-phase RCDs
    • Auto-test routine 
    • Fault (Touch) voltage display
  • Earth spike testing
    • 2-pole/3-pole*, ART* and Stake-less* technique

New Loop Impedance testing technology:
The MFT1741 includes a new non-trip loop testing technology that:

  • Prevents any influence the RCD may present to the total loop impedance value.
  • Faster non-trip loop testing down to 8 seconds.

This technique also allows testing of loop impedance through 10mA type AC and Type A RCDs.