Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter - 200A - CANS LTD

Megger DLRO200 Low Resistance Ohmmeter - 200A


  • Small and weighs less than 15kg
  • Test currents from 10A to 200A DC
  • 0.1 µOhm best resolution
  • On board memory for up to 300 test results and notes
  • RS232 port to download stored results or for real time output to a printer
  • Supplied complete with 5m test leads and download software

Megger DLRO200 measures resistances between 0.1 µOhm and 1 Ohm,
at high currents.

This versatile instrument can provide test currents from 10 amps up to 200 amps subject to the load resistance and supply voltage. A large liquid crystal display provides all the information needed to perform a test; all test parameters and measurement results are displayed.