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Martindale HPAT500/2 Pat Tester



The HPAT500 HandyPAT is an easy to use hand held PAT tester with simple one-button test selection. The tester comes with rechargeable batteries and mains charger for low cost of ownership and can even be used whilst recharging ensuring no downtime. Its lightweight portable design makes it ideal for testing in all locations whether under a desk or testing a wall mounted monitor.

A single button press activates either a full Class I, Class II or lead test without any further interaction required by the user, unless a failure is encountered. The display has clear PASS / FAIL indicators and shows all test results on screen. Simple connection diagrams are permanently shown on the case body making it easy to start testing straight away.

HPAT500/2 delivery contents include an extension lead adaptor, an earth bond probe with clip, a mains charger, 6xAA rechargeable batteries and a “Test & Go” carry case with separate pocket for accessories.

A comprehensive range of optional adaptor leads are available enabling 110V appliance testing and testing of equipment terminated with 3 phase plugs.

The HPAT500/2 has a new high contrast backlit display.

Key features include:

  • Simple one button testing
  • Automatic Class I, Class II & power lead test
  • Displays measured values with PASS/FAIL indication
  • I.T. safe 200mA DC earth bond test with two pass levels
  • Selectable 250V / 500V insulation test
  • Tests both 240V and 110V appliances
  • Mains rechargeable with in-car option



Earth continuity Test current: 200mA DC


Range: 0-19.99Ω

Resolution: 0.01Ω

Accuracy: ± (5% rdg + 2 dgt)

Fixed pass limits: ≤ 0.10Ω/≤ 0.20Ω

Insulation Test Voltage: 250V/500V DC selectable


Test current: 1.5mA

Ranges: 2.00MΩ, 20.0MΩ, 200MΩ

Resolution: 0.01MΩ

Accuracy: <100MΩ ± (5% rdg + 2 dgt), >100MΩ ± (10% rdg + 2 dgt)

Default pass level Lead: ≥ 1.0 MΩ


Class I: ≥ 1.0 MΩ

Class II: ≥ 2.0 MΩ

Fuse test Voltage: 4V DC (open circuit)


Current: 200mA DC (short circuit)

Pass level: >2mA

Overload protection 300V AC/DC
Complies with BS EN 61010
Temperature range -10 to 40°C
Supply 6 x 1.2V AA NiMH rechargeable batteries 1800mAh
Dimensions 90 x 210 x 54mm
Weight 700g (inc batteries & leads)
Includes TC57 carry case, PSUHPAT230 mains charger, rechargeable batteries, EX332 IEC lead, TL67 earth bond probe and manual


  HPAT400 HPAT500/2 HPAT600/2
Class I /II Test
Lead Test
Pass/Fail Indication
Test Values Displayed
Selectable Limits
Test Mode Auto Auto Auto/Manual
Run Test Simulated
Earth Continuity Test Current 200mA 200mA 200mA
Insulation Test Voltage 500V 250/500V 250/500V
110V Appliances With accessory With accessory With accessory
Memory 200 results for on-screen recall
Supply Alkaline batteries Rechargeable Rechargeable