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Martindale CM95 Flex Meter



The new CM95 True RMS current meter is fitted with a highly flexible current sensor just 5.5mm in diameter, ideal for measurements on difficult sizes and shapes of conductors in hard to reach areas where conventional clamps won’t go.

The TRMS capability ensures accurate and reliable AC current measurement for distorted waveforms caused by today’s power electronics and non-linear loads.

Measurements are accurate and reliable with 3 ranges up to 400A AC and resolution of 1mA in the 4A range. The light weight flexible sensor head will accommodate conductors up to 85mm in diameter and can be threaded through very small apertures. Unlike conventional current transformers there is no maximum overload limitation.

The separate display module is fitted with a 1.8m lead giving even more freedom when working in areas with restricted access and is backlit for viewing in low light conditions. The Hold function can be used for saving displayed values and for longer term monitoring, the auto power off function can be easily disabled and Min/Max values recorded.

The CATIV 600V safety rating make the flex meter ideal for utility and industrial current measurement applications.

The CM95 is supplied with alkaline batteries and manual. All Martindale clamp meters come with a 2 year warranty.




AC current 4.000A/40.00A/400.0A
Accuracy 3.0% of rdg ± 5 dgt (45Hz to 500Hz)
Sensor length 254mmSensor diameter: 5.5mm
Max diameter conductor 85mm
Cable length (to display module) 1.8m
Sampling rate 2/sec
Operating environment 0°C to 50°C <80% RH, non condensingStorage temperature: -10°C to 60°C, 70% RH
Complies with BS EN 61010-1, BS EN 61010-2-032, CAT IV 600V, Class II, Double Insulation, EMC BS EN 61326-1
Features Low battery indication, Auto power off/disable
Supply 2 x 1.5 V AAA batteries (IEC LR03, NEDA 24A)
Battery life 120 hours typical (alkaline)
Weight 196g approx. incl batteries
Dimensions 120 x 70 x 26 mm
Includes 2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries and manual


  CM87 CM95 CM100
AC Current
DC Current
AC/DC Volts
Non-contact Voltage Detector
Auto ranging
Max Conductor Size 55mm Ø
85mm Ø 160mm Ø
True RMS
Min Max
Auto Power Off
Other Inrush
1mA resolution
High current to 3000A
Safety CAT IV 600V CAT IV 600V CAT IV 600V