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HVAC thermometer kit


HVAC thermometer kit is designed specifically for use in the heating and ventilation industry. It is supplied in a useful ABS carrying case with ETI Therma Differential thermometer, probes, and a FREE traceable certificate of calibration. This HVAC thermometer kit represents excellent value for money for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation engineers.

Each HVAC thermometer kit contains:

  • 1 x 231-022 ETI Therma Differential thermometer
  • 1 x 123-160 penetration probe
  • 2 x 133-040 pipe clamp probes
  • 1 x 123-030 precision surface probe
  • 1 x 834-300 ABS carrying case 


If you are the employer or person in control of premises you have a legal duty of care in respect of the risk of scalding or burning from hot water and hot surface temperatures. NHS and HSE guidelines state that surface temperatures of space heating devices such as thermal storage heaters, oil-filled radiators and conventional radiators should not exceed 43 °C. This will control and prevent patients from being burned. When the surface temperature exceeds 43 °C there is a high risk of burning, often leading to fatalities in the elderly, people with mental illness and learning disabilities or children who cannot react appropriately to prevent injury.