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Robust and easy-to-use - The Druck DPI 611 Pressure Calibrator. Generate pressure in seconds with the robust, easy-to-use Druck DPI 611 pressure calibrator from GE. The ergonomic, hand-held device provides the best-in-class accuracy,...
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Robust and easy-to-use - The Druck DPI 611 Pressure Calibrator.

Generate pressure in seconds with the robust, easy-to-use Druck DPI 611 pressure calibrator from GE. The ergonomic, hand-held device provides the best-in-class accuracy, with easy-to-use features, including an intuitive menu that recalls favorite tasks and documents data. With a touchscreen interface and a large color display, the rugged calibrator provides twice the performance in a product half the size of its predecessor. 

  • With the symbiosis of a high performance pressure generator and fast intuitive user interface, the robust DPI 611 brings handheld pressure calibration to a new level
  • 50% smaller and 33% lighter than DPI 610
  • Generates 0 to 20 bar in less than 30 seconds
  • Creates 95% vacuum
  • Pressure measurement is twice as accurate
  • Three times better electrical accuracy
  • Simplified touch screen interface with application DASHBOARD, quick TASK selection and FAVOURITES storage
  • Fast, three touch set-up for any application
  • Calculates PASS/FAIL errors, documents results and interfaces with Calibration Software

Pressure generation

With the DPI 611 you can generate from 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic pressure. A simple selector lets you convert from vacuum to pressure and with a few stokes of the pump, you will generate the required pressure. Fine adjustment is made with the built-in volume adjuster and falling calibration points are achieved with the precision vent valve.

  • The redesigned mechanical system provides significantly improved performance, allowing you to generate 20 bar/300 psi while holding the instrument in one hand.
  • It’s also quicker, taking just 30 seconds to generate maximum pressure even with a one metre hose connecting the device.
  • Ergonomic design, a hand strap you can position on the left or right and a soft over-moulding provide you with a firm grip for hand-held use and prevent the instrument from sliding when on a test bench.
  • The proven mechanical design provides a simple-to-use, dependable system without the pitfalls of electromechanical devices; namely, poor reliability, regular servicing, dependence on battery condition and long pressure cycle times.

Pressure accuracy

Using advanced silicon technology, the digitally corrected “Druck” pressure sensor achieves 0.0185% FS accuracy compared with 0.025% FS for the DPI 610/615. Taking stability and temperature errors into account over the one year calibration period, the DPI 611 is more than twice as accurate as its predecessor. This is expressed as a total uncertainty to give you complete confidence in the measurement accuracy between annual calibrations.

Electrical capability

The DPI 611 retains the comprehensive electrical measurement and sourcing capability of the DPI 610 series, but has better accuracy and simplified connections.

Truly hand-held

The DPI 611 is truly a hand-held pressure calibrator, being 50% smaller and 33% lighter than the DPI 610.
• Redesign of the pressure assembly has resulted in a more efficient and higher performance system that is both smaller and lighter.
• State-of-the art microelectronics has reduced the size of the PCA (printed circuit assembly) and lowered the power consumption, which in turn means smaller batteries.
• Even though the instrument is much smaller, the touch display is almost twice as large for clear viewing and more information.

Quick-to-fit pressure connections

Making a leak-tight pressure connection in the field is inevitably frustrating. The DPI 611 comes with a quick-to-fit adaptor system that has a number of advantages over conventional methods:

• All adaptors, hoses and accessories, including the dirt moisture trap, are quick and simple to fit. No tools or sealing are required and connections are leak free.

• Damaged adaptors are very simply replaced and there’s no repair downtime.

• Making leak tight connections wastes time and for several joints, it takes longer than a calibration. The DPI 611 system is proven to significantly reduce set-up time.

Simplified touch screen

The DPI 611 uses the same interface design as the unique and award-winning DPI 620 Genii (Measures magazine innovative product of 2014).

• The DASHBOARD allows quick application selection without menus or special keys - just tap the app.

• The TASK menu provides a library of popular configurations. From the calibrator screen three simple gestures completely reconfigure the DPI 611 for the next job.

• From the FAVOURITES menu it’s even quicker to access regularly used and customised TASKS.

• The DPI 611 touch screen only shows function keys when they’re required, making it quicker and simpler to use than complex keypads with special function keys and key combinations.

• Application connection diagrams can be viewed on screen

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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