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Chauvin Arnoux PEL 102 Data Logger with accessories


Ergonomic, magnetized and suitable for all types of cabinets, PEL102 loggers provide all the power and energy measurements simultaneously.

  • Single-phase, split-phase and three-phase installations with or without a neutral, as well as other complex configurations.
  • Implementation without cutting off the mains power supply
  • BlueTooth, Ethernet and USB communication
  • Automatic recognition of the sensors connected
  • Recording on SD and SD-HC cards
  • Real-time communication with a PC and analysiαs using PEL Transfer

The PEL102 and PEL103 loggers are power and energy measurement loggers for all electrical installations. The measurements are performed with 3 current sensors and voltage inputs. They can be used to view all the electrical parameters and to take advantage of the measurement, energy metering and communication functions. They offer users all the necessary measurements for successful energy efficiency projects and monitoring of your electricity distribution system.

The PEL100 family of energy meters makes it simple to add metering and measurement points in electrical cabinets where most of the space is already occupied. Because they are magnetic, they can be set up very easily in any cabinet and do not cause any obstruction once the cabinet door is closed

Monitoring and mapping consumption on a site Our PEL100 loggers can track even the slightest consumption in a factory, workshop, building, agency, etc. They simultaneously allow real-time consumption monitoring alongside historical and comparative analysis of consumption. Predictive maintenance When installed for a long period in a cabinet, PEL100 loggers constantly monitor the active, apparent and reactive power values on the electrical network involved. This means they will instantly detect whenever the subscribed power threshold is exceeded.