Chauvin Arnoux EES - Energy Efficiency Business Solution - CANS LTD

Chauvin Arnoux EES - Energy Efficiency Business Solution


Improve the energy efficiency of any facility.

Everything you need in one box to make your facility more energy efficient or expand your business to offer the service to others.

Up to 20% of a business’s energy costs are due to wasted energy.


  • PEL 103 Energy Logger
  • C.A 1950 DiaCAm 2
  • DataView Software
  • Flexi Clamps
  • Distribution leads
  • Waterproof Carry Case

Most losses occur because of

  • inefficient electrical equipment
  • unscheduled /out of hours‘ energy use
  • thermal (heat) leakage

Undertake surveys to determine energy saving opportunities.

Perform short-term diagnostic monitoring for plant maintenance and expansion.

With small businesses using 46% of total electricity between 6pm and 8am, the EEBS contains a portable power and energy logger that will show exactly how much power is being used, where, by what, and at what times.

Additionally, 20% of a business‘ annual energy costs are wasted through the use of energy inefficient equipment, which the logger also easily identifies both in terms of the amount of power being used, and any power factor issues that would cause unnecessary high billing.

The included Thermal Imaging Camera will show heat energy losses within the fabric of the buildings, as well as enabling flue temperature measurements, and the scanning of pipe lagging, etc. Heat loss due to poor or missing pipe insulation may reduce the overall efficiency from source to end by up to 50%, with an additional 10 to 20% in flue losses.

Apart from reducing energy consumption, the EEBS enables the monitoring of equipment for both power consumption and temperature to give early failure indication, potentially saving significant costs in downtime and maintenance.